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Leo… Is That You???

01/12/2009 1 comment

Maybe it’s just me… but when I first laid eyes on Nico Rosberg, I thought he had a striking resemblance to Leonardo di Caprio. To be fair, Nico does not look like the present-day-2009-Leo who has not aged well (i.e. fat and old looking for his age). Rather Nico looks like the Leo-of-the-past that teenage girls used to drool over.

What do you think? For sure the two are far from being twins, but I say the resemblance is there. For sure. 🙂

Nerdy note: I once took a course on the Physiology of Aging. It was quite interesting and depressing to learn that the human body starts going downhill around the age of 25. T_T I recommend taking such a course if the opportunity presents itself. I also found some slides here which has a quite high level view on the subject.