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Design Challenge… Vettel vs Webber

Can F1 drivers be “designers”? With Red Bull’s Marketing Genius Team they can. Vettel and Webber have both designed t shirts for Red Bull’s Wings for Life program, which benefits research for paraplegia.

Let’s examine the designs of each driver, shall we?

Here is Vettel’s design:

Hmm. How creative… err not really. I think this design is pretty uninspiring. After all, it’s not like he designed the graphic, it already existed. Perhaps it was Vettel’s idea to have the print to be “distressed.” I duno, but this isn’t for me.

Here is Webber’s design:

It’s rather cute and clever, isn’t it? This design could appeal to both men and women and is more interesting than Vettel’s design. Good job Webber, I’m sure the designers at RB like your design more than Vettel’s (I sure do anyway!!!).

Bonus points awarded to Webber for maintaining “model attitude” in this photo. 😉

Whose t-shirt would you wear? I’d wear Webber’s over Vettel’s any day. If you are interested in these t-shirts, they are available for purchase at the Official Red Bull Online shop for about 35 euros.

  1. 10/12/2010 at 4:52 am

    yep, i’d take Webbo’s T too ! and if i opt for taking it with him inside – wonder how many euros more that would cost ..???

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