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Sad Nando Face Contest Winner

Thank you for all of the contest entries. It was hard to decide amongst all of the great entries. Who knew that Nando had such great “competition” from the world of F1?

However, this un-trademarked face can be made by anyone, even those not in the F1 world! The winning contest submission is from twitter user @jonnywilde. He has kindly allowed me to post his winning entry on my blog:

No, @jonnywilde is not a cute little baby. This is his cutey daughter who was caught being quite “Nando-esque.” While the pout is nowhere as severe as Nando’s, I quite enjoyed @jonnywilde’s explanation for the entry:

“What she lacks in droopy jaw line she more than makes up for in vacant stare… of which Nando himself is a genius.”

I concur. Congrats to @jonnywilde! I will be working on the illustration later this month and mailing it out sometime in November. 🙂

I may run some other contests in the future, ideas/time permitting, so don’t fret, there will be a next time (hopefully!).

  1. laforete
    22/10/2010 at 11:11 am

    i think this isn’t bad either. o:

    • pinknyanko
      22/10/2010 at 12:50 pm

      lol!!! that’s a very funny one… unfortunately the contest is now closed 🙂

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