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Poor Sakon

Sakon Yamamoto has been demonized by the media for having “stolen” Chandhok’s seat at HRT. As a result, he is barely featured in the media while the media tries to get as much Chandhok action as possible. He also has a driver’s photo that is just barely better than Chandhok’s… you’ve gotta feel sorry for him sometimes. I know I do, and it’s not what the BBC wants. heh. Well whatever, I have a brain… I can use it.

Before the Chandhok fans come crawling out of the woodwork, let me get a few things straight. I am not Yamamoto’s fan, nor am I Chandhok’s fan. I am also not making any statements about the capabilities of either driver. These are just my opinions about the media portrayal of the whole HRT situation.

But, isn’t this a fashion blog?

Yes, it is! I have a point… I’m getting to it. πŸ˜›

Sometimes I forget what Yamamoto really looks like because of the ugly driver photo! I have decided to share this photo from Suzuka because Yamamoto actually looked like a human being here. =x Apparently Yamamoto has some fashion sense too, because he chose a Ray Ban style not worn by many other drivers. The Ray Ban aviators he chose actually looked quite good on him. However, the sunglasses were resting on his cheekbones, so Yamamoto needs to take some extra care. He has to keep it cool and not move his facial muscles excessively. πŸ˜‰

So yeah… take it easy on the guy. He’s just a guy doing his job after all.

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