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Werq it Webber!

Sorry about the obnoxious spelling of “work it” there. šŸ˜› Seriously though, Webber needs to work it a bit more. I realize Webber was unhappy posing with Christian Horner for the Casio Edifice x Red Bull Racing collaboration… but a PR job is a PR job. Come on Webber, I know you can be a Top Model of F1 if you feel like it. Just ignore the man next to you!

Poor Webber also had some major eye bags… I hope he’s getting enough rest! šŸ˜¦

The Casio Edifice is a range of watches, but here is one specific model:

The one pictured above is not bad, but I don’t really care for the one Webber was holding. Find out more about this range of watches here.

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