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Want to be like Adrian Sutil?

No, it’s not necessary to make a trip to an aquatic park. coughcough. Sutil was seen in Melbourne with an attractive man-bag and now if you fancy it… you can channel the spirit of Sutil with a John&Mary bag.

Sutil does not use John&Mary bags, but they are close enough to his bag in my opinion. The price isn’t too bad either. They range from $79 – $129 USD. A detachable shoulder strap will add an additional $16 – $25 USD depending on the size of the bag.

Here’s a photo of the whole collection of the John&Mary “classic carry all” bags:

Oddly… I kind of want one in the small size. What is wrong with me? First I want to be like Nick Heidfeld with a crossbody bag… and now I want to be like Sutil. @_@

If I cave to these temptations, I suppose I can post photos of F1 Drivers vs. thepitwalk. I don’t like losing though! >_< But maybe it will be good entertainment for the readers?

  1. Mélodie
    16/07/2010 at 5:43 am

    yeah it would be great the f1 drivers >< the pitwalk lol !

    I have some clothes similar to Raquel del Rosario, but she'll always win if i make that kind of "competition"

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