Valencia Wrap Up Post

I haven’t posted everything that I wanted to post about Valencia. But I have a really good excuse! I’ve been busy with producing a charity fashion show. Due to my laziness this will be a consolidation post.

I was also going to do another illustration for Vettel’s birthday… but I was designing garments instead. Yeah, lame. Sorry.

First we have Raquel del Rosario.

It’s been awhile since there have been photos of her in the paddock. I missed her! She’s so cute in her nautical striped top. I am not really liking her headband though, it makes the hair a bit messy looking. Unfortunately I could not find a high quality full body photo, but Raquel was wearing black shorts with this oversized top. I didn’t really like the shorts, they were very much like biker shorts… which just reminds me that the Tour de France is back. 😦 It’s gonna be three weeks of watching the most powerful butts and thighs in the world. Save me. But I guess Alonso likes cycling… so maybe he bought those shorts for her? JUST KIDDING.

Next we have Nicole …

Boy she really loves tops and dresses with embellishment, doesn’t she? This time it’s sequins! It seems like the embellishments are always arranged in these radiating arrays as well… This dress is just ok, it’s not my taste. But the drape and cut of the fabric really accentuates her curves. The dress is probably cut on the bias… which is all good if you don’t have too many.. ahem.. “lumps and bumps.” I’m not sure what brand this dress is, but it reminds me of some spring Versace pieces I have seen.

And of course we have the just-turned-25-not-that-long-ago-boy-Rosberg:

Yeah, I realize the motorhome is mirrored. That doesn’t change the fact that Rosberg looks like he is checking himself out (and apparently liking what he is seeing). Maybe he’s singing “I’m too sexy for my shirt” or something?

Since I didn’t make an illustration of Vettel yet… I have to poke fun since it was his birthday not too long ago:

Please shave Vettel… this is not very becoming. I don’t like scraggly beards. It didn’t look good on Jens and it doesn’t look good on you either. I know you want to be a world champion… but aiming for the ugly sunglasses world championship should be enough. Please don’t aspire for the bad facial hair championship as well.

I can’t leave out Alonso, it wouldn’t be fair:

Look at him… surrounded by the pxxp Santander logos… in an executive chair? Hello, new President of Santander Bank. Haha.

Last for the consolidation post is… Brazil vs Brazil

Who wore the Brazil jersey better? Barichello or Massa? I’m going to have to go with Barichello, since he is actually wearing it. Massa… just looked like he was playing Superman.

And there we have it. My memories of the European Grand Prix. It’s almost time for Silverstone!

  1. 09/07/2010 at 6:12 am

    Yes, Nico is too sexy for his shirt!

    • pinknyanko
      09/07/2010 at 10:19 am

      LOL of course you would think that 😉

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