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Hulkenberg Takes on Vettel in Valencia

Remember Vettel’s sunglasses from Montreal? I sure do. So when I saw this photo of Hulkenberg in Valencia, I nearly “eeped.” That is to say, I made an “eep” sound (err.. almost). This is not scream worthy material afterall. Hulkenberg was wearing the same Oakley sunglasses that Vettel wore in Montreal!

So who wore it better? I’m biased towards Hulkenberg because I am imagining Vettel’s goofy expression in my brain. But to be honest, the sunglasses don’t look TOO bad on Vettel in the above photo. Maybe there was some photography trickery involved? Just kidding. Maybe that’s Vettel’s good side? 😉

My opinion on these sunglasses has changed a bit. They are not too bad on the right person. Please note I am not changing my rating to “good.” It’s just not at as bad as I initially thought.

What do other people think? Hulkenberg vs Vettel, which German is the winner?

P.S. If you like these sunglasses, I believe they are Oakley Men’s Crosshair Sunglasses. They are currently available at amazon.com for $110 USD. =X

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