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Red Bull Battle Starts Early in Valencia : Vettel vs Webber

Ooooh hell to the no!*

These team mates were wearing the same Kini t-shirt in Valencia. The real question is, was this intentional or not? Is it a marketing ploy to show the “team unity” within Red Bull? MAYBE. I’m not really buying it, do either guys want to be twinsies with each other? I think NOT.

So who wore the Kini t-shirt better? Webber or Vettel? I guess it comes down to how much one likes/hates cargo shorts.

As for me … Round 1 goes to WEBBER.

Sorry Vettel my boy… my vote goes to Webber. Why on earth did I vote for Webber? Isn’t Vettel “gorgeous” and all that and a bag of chips?

Well, first of all Vettel’s posture sucked. He wasn’t doing himself nor the shirt any favors like that! Webber on the other hand, looked like he was strutting down a runway? HOW WEIRD!!! Overall, Webber just has a stronger and better lasting impression on me this time.

Congrats Webber, this is my first post featuring him and it’s a compliment! How lucky, Webber is not only leading Vettel in terms of points… but he wore that t-shirt better too! ❤

* Isn't it anyone's worst nightmare to be wearing the same thing as someone else publicly? :/

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