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F1 Bag Fight in Turkey

Bag Fight in the Mercedes garage! Heidfeld vs. Schumacher~

Here is Nick’s bag… the same elephant grey bag that I first spotted in Bahrain. It’s back! But where is the oh-so-famous-worldwide-beloved-by-men-and-women-tan-manbag? I haven’t seen it all season! 😦

Let’s have a look at Schumacher’s bag now. This one has been photographed at many races including Malaysia:

So who wins? The two bags are different… one is clearly more casual than the other. I vote for Nick’s bag because it’s more of an “everyday” type of bag for me (and therefore more my style and useful in general). Sorry Schumacher… you may be the king of F1… but your bag certainly isn’t king.

  1. Mélodie
    03/06/2010 at 2:45 pm

    i vote for Nick too.

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