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Isabell Tries Out the Tribal Trend

Isabell Reis was seen in this dress last Sunday in Monaco. It’s kind of tribal-inspired, the sequin detailing at the neckline and the waist give off the tribal vibe vaguely. The geometric patterns on the dress are cute, they remind me of little tiles or a tile mural. However, those flanged flutter sleeves… are a little unflattering on anyone except the super slim. Isabell is not fat… she is quite “normal” in body size, but the flanges just make her upper body look wider.

In fact… my whole flat pattern class was laughing at the illustration of such inset flanges in our flat pattern book. The teacher even said “Guys… just remember… just because you can… doesn’t mean you should.” HAHA, she is so funny and honest. So, imagine my surprise when I see a real life example of someone wearing a garment executed in the style everyone was laughing at (and thought was terribly ugly).

Here’s a scan from my book as proof. The original size is kind of big, so click to enlarge to see its full ugliness:

Flanges aside… I did think Isabell looked pretty cute. I also liked her chunky silver bangle and open toe pumps!

  1. Melodie
    20/05/2010 at 7:19 am

    when i saw her like this i thought about Corinna’s look in bahrein… don’t like it ! and the shoes don’t match

  2. Melodie
    20/05/2010 at 7:21 am

    and i don’t like the sunglasses ! she always wears it, but i don’t like it : isa, you’re so cute, you don’t need these big sunglasses ! and i don’t like their mirror effect

  3. pinknyanko
    20/05/2010 at 10:18 am

    yeah, I also thought about Corinna’s outfit too haha. The dress is OK without the flanges, use your fingers to cover it up on the side… and it becomes 4X better. haha. I think the shoes are ok… but you are right they don’t quite match. Oh well, maybe these people need to hire us as stylists.

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