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Miss California… Totally Ridiculous

I interrupt my Monaco posts with this ridiculous tidbit regarding Miss California (SO SORRY, they’ll continue after this). While waiting for the race to download, nekoball and I happened to catch a bit of the Miss USA beauty contest last night. During the swimsuit portion … they had little bios about the contestants and here is what was said about Nicole Michele Johnson, the current Miss California:

She once drove 128 miles per hour and has dreams of one day being a Formula 1 driver

At first I was thinking, “OK, she got a speeding ticket or something? So what?” But then I heard the last part. Uh .. what? Are you serious? She’s 24 years old already, I think her chances are shot. šŸ˜› But, being the anal person I am, I found this bit on the Miss California webpage about her:

During her time at USC she focused on sports entertainment, looking to pursue a career in Action Sports; ultimately she dreams of one day becoming a pit reporter for Formula1 racing.

Um.. being a DRIVER and a reporter are totally different? My reaction: What the hell? Is she just an airhead from SoCal? No wonder people think California girls just get tanned at the beach.

Sniff… so sad… she wants to take my place in the pit. I mean, I could be asking all kinds of “important” questions ya know? boohoo, I hope Martin Brundle jumps in front of her one day with an appointment he made 5 years ago. šŸ˜›

I’m not going to even post a photo of the twit. People will need to use google images for that. ~_~

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