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Hella Hot… Or Not?

I have no idea who this lady is… she is probably some socialite*. But I decided to feature this photo because of the dress. So… is it hot or not? I’m feeling ambivalent about it myself. There’s the plunging styleline in the back… which is supposed to be more “modest” due to the lace panel. But then my eye travels downward… and for sure this is a pretty suggestive dress! haha. But is it bordering on poor taste? hmm… possibly? But this dress does remind me of a Yves Saint Laurent dress I saw in a museum. Perhaps this is also a YSL dress? I don’t know, it could be merely inspired by that iconic dress.

Here’s a photo of the YSL dress, I’ve seen it in a museum and it’s so beautiful:

However, from a sewer’s perspective, this dress is giving me heart palpitations. Just thinking about working with lace AND velvet with both of them being on partial bias… ugh… it would be really difficult to work with!!! And that’s why this photo is here… because I’m sure this was not an easy dress to sew and I admire whoever sewed the dress together. 🙂

* I wish she got her hair done. Her half-assed hair doesn’t match her gown. Or does it…?

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