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Jessica Michibata Wears Floral… Again

To be honest, I’m getting bored of her outfits. It’s another pink maxi dress, this time in floral. Yipee. I don’t dislike pink, come on, my username is PINKnyanko. 😛 For someone who is a model in Japan, I kind of wonder about her style of dressing. At this moment in time I shall declare that I disagree with the motorsport world… Jenson Button’s girlfriend Jessica Michibata is not glamorous. I rather feel she is overrated on the hotness scale (she’s actually plain in my eyes). Uhh… I guess I should be prepared for the male F1 fans to throw rocks at me now. 😛

Back to her clothes…I guess I’m not really into maxi dresses, and the fact that Jessica wears these plain garments so much is boring me to tears. I think maxi dresses are kind of passe, the department stores have been trying to sell this trend since ~2007. I also don’t like micro-floral prints in big quantities, it’s cuter in small quantities like a top or mini skirt. I also am not digging those hot pink sandals with the silver ring. It’s too matchy matchy… and it reminds me of my mom’s old Cole Haan sandals she bought in the 1990’s (as an aside, my mom is pretty hip!).

The oversized cream shawl which I liked in Shanghai has made a reappearance. I guess it looks all right, but the fringe makes it look slightly wintery, and it’s May now. 😛 I guess it’s good for her to cover up… so she can avoid that dreadful tan line on her boobs that she was sporting at other races. Jessica is also wearing her Wayfarers again, she seems to be really into them (as is the rest of the world).

Overall… thumbs down on this.

P.S. What’s with the wave? Is she the Queen of England or something? 😛 I’m kind of kidding, I’m aware she has a large fan base. ~_~

  1. Melodie
    20/05/2010 at 7:46 am

    i hate this outfit ! and i’m like you : is this girl model or not ?! she is always wearing old trends, and when she wears “new trends” she wears it in the wrong way !

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