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Studs Galore on Mila Wiegand

I hate this outfit. Where do I start? Mila is not wearing the “tough luxe” trend here.. it’s just wannabe biker chick!!! Her white t shirt is too long and loose. Her pants are TOO long, I mean surely she can afford to have someone hem her pants? And the material of the pants is some weird synthetic shiny material (it just screams cheap since they are also too long for her legs). I wonder who told poor Mila that it would be a good idea to match her handbag with that horrible necklace? Oh… this is just a fashion train wreck. However I do have to say her other accessories (watch, gold chain link bracelet) are okay.

Items that I can identify:
Bag: Prada studded tote (I think from 2008…)
Shoes: Looks like Chanel ballet flats
Sunglasses: Maybe Gucci

If anyone likes the tote bag, it is still available at bluefly.com for the low price of $2000 USD. If that is too much money, you can consider these options:

Steve Madden BBold Studded Satchel (Unknown price, but probably $100 or less)

Studded Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag ($575 USD)

Rebecca Minkoff Studded Satchel ($575 USD)

Honestly the Steve Madden is a pretty blatant replica… but this brand is notorious for copying high end designers. The two Rebecca Minkoff bags are currently on sale at ShopBop.com for about $400USD. I personally would go with the Rebecca Minkoff studded satchel myself… but you know… you can always buy studs and stud your own bag for a lot less money!

  1. Melodie
    14/05/2010 at 6:45 am

    i love the studs’s trend, but you’re right : this outfit is awful !

    I bought studs and customise bags and shoes : you can create items who look like luxury brand for 20/30 euros.

  2. pinknyanko
    14/05/2010 at 11:06 am

    yea, it is easy to add studs on. I think I’ll add some to some old shoes when I have some spare time, whenever that is… 🙂

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