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開玩笑 … Shanghai Funnies

Yes, I am lame for posting this one month after the race. Real life got in the way. Just think of this as a filler post before I watch qualifying.

“As much as Eddie Jordan wants to be here in one of his shirts.”
-Christian Horner ❤

"He's such a good advertisement for our sport. He looks good, he's stylish…"
– EJ on Vettel (umm…that aint true anymore due to his new haircut)

"Can I walk with you Felipe?"
– Martin Brundle as he was walking with Felipe Massa anyway.

“I’m pretty sure that if Lewis gets a penalty for the pitlane incident, it will be a grid drop in Barcelona – if we ever get there!”
– Martin Brundle

Jake's interview with Webber… I kept thinking of Canberra milk ad and THEN THEY PLAYED IT. OMG IN SYNC BRAINWAVES.

Moments that were not funny, but rather gross:

Jessica Michibata kissing the camera… gross… I could see the lip print. I mean just because Barichello did it does not mean she should follow suit.

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton's bromance… icky. It just looks so fake and staged.

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