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Lewis Hamilton… Not Perfect… Thank God

Oh, I’m not talking about driving mistakes or his behavior in public. As usual, I’m looking at something completely different than 98% of the F1 fans in the world.

In a really old blog post, I had mentioned that Lewis had exceptionally nice skin (especially in these days of horrendously clear digital photography and high def TV), nice enough to land a skin care sponsor in fact. 😉 I still think he has really nice skin… it has great texture and clarity, oh the benefits of youth! I’m often envious of people with super nice skin (and yes, that includes being jealous of Lewis). So naturally when I saw this photo I felt relieved. Lewis’ skin isn’t perfect after all (though it is very very very good). THANK GOD it gets clogged just like any other human being. So yeah… for people that feel self-conscious about their skin… don’t worry about it so much*. It might not be so bad after all**. Cause hey… even the ever so well hydrated Lewis Hamilton gets some clogged pores too. 😉

* This applies to me as well. I actually have a mirror at my desk to check my contact lens (and OK OK… my pores… I admit it).
** Sorry, I’m a lil paranoid and feel the need for a disclaimer: For serious skin concerns/acne/etc, a medical professional will be able to diagnose/treat etc. I’m not a doctor 😛

Reader hyperion has ID’d these sunglasses as Hugo Boss 0002/S. They retail for about $200 USD online.

  1. hyperion
    02/06/2010 at 2:42 pm

    THANK YOU for this picture. I’ve been trying to find out what sunglasses Hamilton was wearing in Monaco and yours was the only high-res photo. Hugo Boss 0002/S! AWESOME. I’ve added this site to my feeds!

    • pinknyanko
      02/06/2010 at 2:53 pm

      No problem… however this photo is from Barcelona. 🙂 I will add your comment about his sunglasses to the post though. Thanks for adding my blog to your feed, I hope you enjoy the future entries.

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