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Massa Seeks Help

Massa was seen looking constipated again in Shanghai. I think he has been taking some cues from panhandlers as he is holding a sign. Though to be truthful, I have not seen any panhandlers sporting head to toe Ferrari gear.

Massa: Hello Everyone! I always look constipated in F1 photos, can anyone help me?

haha. Just kidding.

Real translation: Hello everyone! Welcome to the China F1 Circuit.

Well, that’s what I think it really says anyway. I can’t really read simplified Chinese too well (it’s TOO simple, I don’t know what it says sometimes). If anyone has a better and more accurate translation, feel free to correct me.

Side note: Is that a blackberry I spy in Massa’s hand? I’m not really familiar with smart phones, so I’m probably wrong.

  1. Melodie
    11/05/2010 at 6:21 am

    “constipated” this word is sooo right ! Massa is “constipated man” for me !

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