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Who Wants to Look like a Baby?

Apparently Jessica Michibata did on race day. Though I don’t know many babies that carry Louis Vuitton Galleria bags and wear Raybans. 😛

The playsuit/romper/jumpsuit trend has been around since ~2007 and it really hit the runways hard in Spring 2009. I don’t know, I feel ambivalent about them. The right one can be adorable, but at the same time they remind me of the 80’s and dance videos (or baby one-pieces). Haha. And to top it off, they are highly impractical. Going to the bathroom is a pain in these things. But kudos to Jessica for wearing one, her legs look super long in this. I do wish she wore some other shoes though, those nude colored espadrilles looked out of place.

However, I do think this playsuit would be awesome as a snowboarding outfit!

  1. Melodie
    11/05/2010 at 6:29 am

    i totally agree with you ! on a girl like Jess this trend is cute : she has the perfect body to wear it ! But the shoes don’t match with it… And the bag is awful !

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