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Best Quotes From Malaysia

The rain comes when the rain is on the ground.
– Big Daddy D

Eddie your sweat is becoming globally famous now isn’t it?
– Jake Humphrey

CH: It’s a bit like your shirts Eddie, you just keep wearing them each week.
EJ: You’re just jealous aren’t you?
– Christian Horner and Eddie Jordan

(I love you Christian Horner, you’re officially my hero now. Thanks for calling EJ out on those shirts. HAHAHA.)

Good boy, beautiful.
– Rob Smedley

Does EJ wear the same pair of white jeans each week?
– Some email on the red button

So, I guess I’m not the only one who looks for the white pants? HAHAHAHA. Inquiring minds DO want to know. I like how Martin “saved” EJ and how EJ basically had no response.

Other funny moments:
– Timo Glock has a kiddie pool?!

– Seeing glamour shots of the drivers for race buildup, Kubica rarely looks so good.

– Felipe telling Jake that he thinks Alonso is bettar because he talks more than Kimi.

– Vettel tries to get onto his car post victory, but gets interrupted by Webber. He then tries to get on again, but can’t decide whether to get onto the tire, or the car. hoho

– Heikki checking his shirt buttons prior to talking to Jake et al on the red button program, that’s so cute. ❤

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