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Jessica Michibata Likes Jersey Dresses

Jessica has been seen in various jersey dresses throughout the season so far. At Saturday’s practice she was seen wearing this boring grey jersey dress. Why did I decide to feature this dress despite the boringness? Well, it seems to me that Jessica favors jersey dresses for their comfort, especially in hot weather. I believe she was photographed wearing a purple jersey dress in Bahrain.

I also decided to feature this picture because of the horrid tan line on her chest. =X I feel like smearing some self tanner to hide the tan line. heh. Jessica also wore classic Rayban Wayfarers, which look a bit big on her face. Notice how the bottom of the lens is resting on her cheekbones… these don’t really fit her face well at all. The Wayfarers now come in two sizes, and I think the smaller size would look better on her.

  1. Melodie
    11/05/2010 at 6:41 am

    the tan line is really awful ! when i saw the pics for the first time i can’t believe that she is still wearing that dress ! and it was worse when she wore the pink dress the day before !

    i think too that the wayfarers are too big on her.

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