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Coulthard is Still the King of Rolled Sleeves

When the 2010 season began, I thought to myself “Yep… DC is still king (of rolled sleeves).” I have not had the opportunity to reassert that statement since it’s hard to find a good photo online of all three BBC presenters that will illustrate my point. I could make screencaps, but I am unable to do so currently because of computer problems.

At any rate… here it is. Ah, DC the slim cut of your shirt sleeves which fit so nicely at the high point of shoulder… the sleeves which are so perfectly rolled above the elbows. It’s just SO NICELY DONE. Yes, I am aware that I can’t get over it.

For comparison purposes, look at EJ. EJ typically rolls his sleeves slightly above his wrist. Sometimes he does roll them a bit higher. Overall, compared to DC, EJ is just sloppy looking. EJ also tends to favor a more loosely cut shirt. EJ’s risk taking nature is also evident with the printed shirt he chose to wear in Melbourne; it’s a little “James May” is it not?

I have also decided to start a running tally of the number of times EJ wears white pants/jeans and when EJ/DC wear white pants together.

  1. 02/04/2010 at 12:10 am

    You totally ignored Jake in that post. You know he rolls up his sleeves too! Credit where credit IS DUE.

  2. pinknyanko
    02/04/2010 at 12:18 am

    That’s true. He rolls them up… also sloppily. 😛 But they’re not rolled up in that photo! It’s hard to find a decent photo of all three of them with rolled sleeves. meh.

    Umm ok… about Jake above there… umm… I guess I like the triple buttons on the sleeve cuff. And I guess the double pleats add more detail at the cuff, but those are pretty standard for a classic tailored mens’ dress shirt, women’s wear is a different story though!

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