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More than you want to see of EJ

While this photo isn’t nearly as offensive and disgusting as the famous Flabio photo, it is perhaps a little more than I ever wanted to see of EJ. Like I’ve said before, dressing like EJ is not necessarily “work safe”? hahaha. But you’ve got to hand it to him… for a guy his age, his belly isn’t really big at all*. There are plenty of young guys around with beer bellies afterall.

P.S. Kudos to EJ for wearing fuschia. You are more a risk taker after all (I won’t forget that watermelon outfit from last year).

P.P.S Has anyone ever noticed that Eddie can move his eyebrows at an extreme angle when he raises them? Look at his eyebrows in the photo above… it’s kind of amazing? Especially when it’s on TV/video.

* Bernie’s is waaaay worse. See my post about Bernie’s pot belly battle.

  1. Melodie
    11/05/2010 at 6:49 am

    Argh, i’ll make some nightmares right now !

    • pinknyanko
      11/05/2010 at 10:36 am

      haha, sorry! But surely it is not as bad as the world famous photo of Flavio šŸ™‚

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