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Nick Heidfeld also has a new bag!

This will be big news for all lurvers of Nick Heidfeld’s bag. Nick has usually been seen sporting his tan leather murse for quite awhile now. And just when I was wondering where Nick’s bag had gone, it appears my question has been answered!

I happened to find this photo of Nick at Bahrain… and it’s not his usual bag. What happened? :/ Did he feel the need to show Shumacher that he is still the king of man-bags? I hope Nick’s old bag hasn’t been confiscated by his wife… or worse yet… BROKEN.

Nick’s new bag is pretty similar in style to his other bag… an attache case with a top handle. I am kind of liking the color… it’s sort of an elephant grey with green tones. Let’s just hope he got bored of the other one and decided to change it up a bit. Afterall, Nick was spotted in two different pairs of glasses last weekend…

So what do think… is Nick’s new bag better than the old tan one? Or is the tried and true truly the F1 King of Murses?

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