Best Moments of Bahrain

While the race WAS boring, I did find some things to be highly amusing. None of them have to do with driving though…

1. No photo of this… but Martin Brundle having to queue up to speak with Alonso. It was pretty funny how he kept trying to get comments… yet Martin kept getting foiled. oooooh a rare sight!!!

2. Lewis taking one sip of the rose water and then proceeding to spray the rest of the bottle. Guess it isn’t as good as champagne? >)

3. Stefano Domenicali greeting his favorite son Massa before race winner Alonso. Who says Daddy Domenicali doesn’t play favorites? >)

4. Last, but not least (it might be my favorite even)… Alonso picking up Stefano in joy after his win. Stefano’s expression is priceless!!! He totally was not expecting anything and he even pats Alonso’s shoulder as if to say “OMG down boy, down Alonso!” This photo really does the moment no justice, it should be watched in video format. I think I re-watched this bit a couple times myself (and I laughed like a maniac each time).

  1. Melodie
    11/05/2010 at 6:52 am

    for sure there is a great difference between fernando and kimi’s post-race reaction ! Stefano was not used to that kind of reaction !

  2. pinknyanko
    11/05/2010 at 10:34 am

    Yeah, haha. Now that I look at this photo, it looks like Felipe is thinking “I want to hug daddy too!!!”

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