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New Season … New Team => New Image

It’s a new start for Heikki in many ways and he has a brand new image as well. When he was driving for McLaren, he sort of blended into the background. I mean of course… Lewis is the star of that team. And towards the end of 2009 he looked… tired and troubled? I am not going to evaluate his mental state at that time, there isn’t much need for it.

But, the Heikki of 2010 looks much better! He looks refreshed, happier… and YOUNGER?! I think it’s the hair that’s doing it. What do you think? Maybe he’s trying to replace Kimi as the driver with long lustrous blonde locks? I hope not… it looks pretty good semi-short.

Here’s some food for thought brought to you by Mr. nekoball: Do you think Heikki had to have shorter hair due to McLaren’s corporate image?

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe he had to look a little like Lewis to blend in with their brand image? Haha, perhaps that’s going a bit far on my case.

Anyway… here’s a screencap of Heikki’s new hair from his official website. There are plenty of images from Bahrain of his new hair, but those photos don’t show the hair to the best advantage due to “helmet hair.”

update: I just realized that part of his head is cut off anyway… ummm… I shall find a better photo some point and insert it.

update #2: I found a bettar photo of Heikki’s hair. So here it is:

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