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Petrov Wears Capris

I wouldn’t say men wearing capris is a new trend, since I’ve seen this for awhile on various street style blogs. But, I have not seen a F1 driver wearing capris before. I know that doesn’t mean much as I haven’t been obsessing over F1 driver style for that long after all.

While doing some research on capris, I found that there are actually terms for the male capri (I shouldn’t really be so surprised since there are lame fashion words such as “jegging” which is a legging that looks like jeans.) Get ready for it… it’s uber lame… The terms are “manpri” and “guypri.” I know… I know… super lame and obvious and uncreative!!!

Let’s get to the photo now… Vitaly Petrov has been spotted in these not-so-lovely manpris on March 11 @ Bahrain….

I’m not sure how I feel about these. Capris (especially for women) are notoriously hard to wear because they break up the line of the leg. It is all too easy for one’s legs to look like tree stumps. So… I want to say Petrov has some guts to wear manpris. But on the other hand, these manpris just look like baggy faded jean britches with weird ties at the knees? I think these wouldn’t be as bad if they were a different color and had a slimmer cut. The manpris might be a little more flattering if Petrov had not tied the drawstrings to tightly. What do you think?

Completely unrelated observation: Looks like Petrov has slim ankles. Or it could be an illusion due to the baggy manpris.

If you are interested in capris or don’t know wtf a “capri” is, click here to learn about it on Wikipedia.

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