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The Season Might be Over but …

My heart will go on. I still found something to talk about.

Namely… Alonso’s ugly “Ferrari Red” sweater. At first, I was very confused by this sweater. With the v-neck and the pattern in the middle and a visible black polo collar, I thought Alonso was wearing a very ugly sweater vest. My eyes then focused on the red sleeves and I realized… it was a sweater. A really really REALLY ugly red sweater.

Now, now… don’t get on my case. I understand WHY he is wearing this sweater. Alonso cannot officially wear the sponsored clothes nor the official Ferrari Red due to contract/sponsorship issues. I am aware of that. But, it is an absolute crime to let him wear this hideous sweater! With Ferrari’s deep pockets, why couldn’t they have provided Alonso with a decent looking garment?

And if money and sponsorship are issues, don’t they have a PR / style person over there at Ferrari? They should have advised him that this is not a good look! (PS Hire me?) Unless (and this is truly a disturbing thought), Alonso already owned this sweater and pulled it out of his closet. OMG, if this is the case Alonso’s girlfriend should have provided some intervention.

I will finish this post with an excerpt from Weezer’s Sweater Song:

If you want to destroy my sweater
Pull this thread as I walk away

Oh yeah… totally, this sweater should be destroyed. Though that is a waste… so Fernando Alonso, please donate this hideous thing to a charity shop as soon as you can…

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